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Team of six finalists of European Student Parliament (EUSP), selected during the simulation of the parliamentary science debate on Future of the Human Being held in Belgrade, are traveling to Manchester where they will together with other finalists from around twenty countries from Europe, deepen their knowledge on the selected topics and create the Final resolution that will be the result of this project. The Student’s Resolution will be received by Mr Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General Science and Innovation, European Commission, and Julie Ward, Member of the European Parliament, on 27 July 2016 at the Manchester Town Hall.

The finalists, Andjela Rojevic, Anastasia Sreckovic, Nikola Borovcanin, Nikola Tepic and Ognjen Nikolic, together with the Chair of the simulation of the science debate in Belgrade, Neda Zivanovic, that is selected to chair the Final debate, will represent Serbia in the finals of this prestigious project. The finalists will also have the opportunity to participate in EuroScience Open Forum, the biggest scientific conference in Europe, that is held every second year and this year is taking place in Manchester.

You can view the live stream of the Final European Student Parliament on Wednesday 27 July from 09:45 – 16:30.

Intersection is one of the partners in EUSP project. The project is coordinated by Wissenschaft im Dialog from Germany and funded by Robert Bosch Foundation and Bayer Science Foundation.

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