Intersection is involved in Horizon 2020 NUCLEUS project that investigates how to make Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) a reality in universities and research institutions. The answers to the questions like: what institutional barriers prevent these organisations from engaging with their stakeholders to align research with society’s needs and how can these obstacles be overcome, will give the directions for the establishment of the first Embedded Nucleus in Serbia, being one out of 30 international NUCLEUS test sites.

Intersection, together with Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, is working on establishing the Embedded Nucleus undertaking research, evaluation, training and dissemination activities with the aim of ensuring the highest academic and educational standards of RRI work. Aleksandra Drecun, the President of Intersection, is in parallel driving directions of the project in her capacity of the member of NUCLEUS Advisory Board.

One of the steps on the road towards the implementation of RRI was supported by Embedded Nuclei Working Group Meeting. The Mathematical Institute SANU was the host of a meeting of The NUCLEUS Working Group, which was held in The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade, on March 14-15, 2017.

The aim was to understand the existing structures and initiatives in each host institution. At the same time meeting focused at developing practical approaches to support these Nuclei develop an organisational unit which triggers an institutional cultural change and embeds RRI.

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