Climate march Belgrade 2015Global climate march

We invite you to join us on Sunday 29 November 2015, at 1 PM, at the Republic Square in Belgrade, to support the action against climate change!

Scientists have confirmed that human activities negatively influence climate and cause catastrophic consequences for our planet. However, they have also pointed out the measures that can limit global warming and have stressed the need to do implement them immediately. Therefore, it is now the responsibility of all of us, but especially of decision makers at every level of government to put these measures into practice. World leaders will meet next week in Paris to discuss this topic at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change COP21.

The day before Paris Conference, on Sunday 29 November, citizens around the the world, in more than 2400 cities in 150 countries, will gather together to demand new international climate deal that would limit global warming to 2°C, one that would be implemented by all UN members. Organizer of Belgrade’s gathering, as the part of that Climate March, is Intersection, action-tank that advocates for responsible research and innovation, evidence based policies and for bringing closer science and society. The organizer of this initiative on global level is Avaaz group, and local partner is “Eco Musketeers” organization.

After making a group photo for the central website of this global action and sending a video message from Belgrade to the Paris Conference, the participants will visit the exhibition “Belgrade Atlas of Jovan Cvijic” (famous Serbian scientist), at the Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Knez Mihailova Street 35. In this way, we call for the implementation of measures to limit climate change but also want to raise awareness on the role of science in and for society.

More information on the global initiative Climate March and the Global Summit on Climate Change: