Based in Belgrade, Serbia, “Intersection. Centre for Science and Innovation” is an international action tank, a non-profit civil society association, established to promote responsible research and innovation, quality education, evidence based policies and good governance and to strengthen the link between science and society, with special focus on Central and Southeastern Europe. Intersection has 150 active members, coming from research and educational organizations, the public sector, as well as companies and civic organizations contributing to the field of Science and Society.

This pool of experts in research and innovation, policy creation, advocacy and science engagement from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania, Hungary, Romania and other countries, supported by a prominent international Advisory Board, has joined forces with the aim to use regional synergies to multiply impact of national efforts in building knowledge and creativity based societies. Intersection initiates and stimulates research and dialogue on important societal challenges, advocates for structural changes in research performing and research funding organizations in order to advance the integration of RRI policy in their agendas and supports open discussion and co-creation in research and innovation processes.

Members of Intersection have previously participated in a number of innovative research and cooperation projects funded by the European Commission, regional initiatives and national grants in natural, technical and social sciences and humanities, Science and Society, Culture, Comenius, COST, Tempus, Creative Europe, Erasmus+ and other EU programs (e.g. FP7 RRI Tools, FP7 SATORI, FINHED, LLP V-Alert, OpenArch, T-Pass, Comenius Sci Camps, FP7 Smart Santander, EUSP, CREAT-IT, PLACES, OutSmart etc.) thus jointly contributing to the valuable knowledge base, competence and expertise of this action tank.

Intersection has extensive knowledge base, profound understanding and expertise on the topics of research ethics, gender and science, especially on gendered research and innovation, open access, STEM education, science communication, science engagement, science and innovation policy creation, as well as experience in organizing collaborative research, science promotion and dissemination events: focus groups, international conferences, seminars, training sessions, public debates, workshops, science camps, innovation and makers labs, science festivals, national competitions, stakeholders consultations, and media campaigns.

The organization has, through its members, a wide regional network and excellent contacts with SEE leading science policy makers, senior management of research and educational institutions, media and private sector. Also, being itself a CSO, Intersection has proactive cooperation with civil society organizations, professional associations, student networks and a great number of volunteers.

Aleksandra Drecun
Aleksandra DrecunPresident,
Divna Vučković
Divna VučkovićVice-president,
Ana S. Trbovich
Ana S. TrbovichFull Professor at Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration – FEFA, Belgrade, Serbia
Tamara Drecun Vasić
Tamara Drecun VasićDirector,
Ecotech Solutions
Olivera Čačić Milutinović
Olivera Čačić MilutinovićForest Engineer,
technology, management and design expert
Zoran Marković
Zoran MarkovićMathematical Institute at Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
Nikola Tanić
Nikola TanićPrincipal scientist, Institute of Biological Research “Siniša Stanković”, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Miomir Korać
Miomir KoraćDirector at Archeological Institute at Serbian Academy of Science and Arts,
Belgrade, Serbia
Nataša Gospić
Nataša GospićFull professor at Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Uroš Galović
Uroš GalovićMSc Mechanical Engineering,
Assistant Director,
Srđan Krčo
Srđan KrčoCEO at DunavNET,
Novi Sad, Serbia
Kosta Jovanović
Kosta JovanovićTeaching assistant at School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Svetlana Kisić Zajčenko
Svetlana Kisić ZajčenkoSpecial Advisor at the Economics Institute,
Belgrade, Serbia
Ksenija Smoljanić
Ksenija SmoljanićArchitect
Miodrag Mihaljević
Miodrag MihaljevićDeputy Director at Mathematical Institute at Serbian Academy of Science and Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
Ljiljana Kundaković
Ljiljana KundakovićPhD Chemical Engineering, COO, Eindal Inc.
Jovan Jovanović
Jovan JovanovićAmbassador,
Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia
Jasminka Bakić
Jasminka BakićJ.D.
Labour Law and Gender Specialist, Belgrade, Serbia
Milivoj Dopsaj
Milivoj DopsajVice-Dean for Research, Professor at Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Jelena Vučković
Jelena VučkovićBSc Computer Science, Software engineer
Vladimir Janković
Vladimir JankovićProfessor at Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester
Aleksandra Hristov
Aleksandra HristovMedia and Communications Specialist, Director, Hristov Consulting, Serbia
Zoran Ognjanović
Zoran OgnjanovićDirector at Mathematical Institute at Serbian Academy of Science and Arts,
Belgrade, Serbia
Marina Drndarski
Marina DrndarskiMSc in Biology
Srđan Ognjanović
Srđan OgnjanovićDirector at Mathematical Gymnasium in Belgrade, Serbia
Milena Vučković
Milena VučkovićPostDoc Researcher at Vienna University of Technology, Austria
Dejan Drajić
Dejan DrajićResearcher at DunavNET, Assistant Professor at School of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia
Mina Božović
Mina BožovićFaculty of Media and Communications, Belgrade and Researcher at MIT Sloan Neuroeconomics Lab
Miroslava Živković
Miroslava ŽivkovićFull Professor at
Faculty of Medicine,
University of Niš
Snežana Ćirić Kostić
Snežana Ćirić KostićHead of Laboratory “3D Impuls” at Faculty of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Kraljevo
Miloš Milosavljević
Miloš MilosavljevićFounder and chief executive, Strawberry energy, Belgrade, Serbia
Katarina Vuković
Katarina VukovićResearch Associate, Vinča Institute of Nuclear Science, Belgrade, Serbia
Jelena Matić
Jelena MatićFurniture and Interior Designer, Associate
Professor, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Anđa Krajnović
Anđa KrajnovićProject assistant,
International Organisation for Migration (IOM)
Željko Mirković
Željko MirkovićFilm Director
Vesna Damjanović
Vesna DamjanovićFull professor at
Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Neda Živanović
Neda ŽivanovićProject Consultant,
Institute for European Politics, Berlin, Germany
Jovan Mirković
Jovan MirkovićPresident, Science Promotion Foundation PRONA, Montenegro
Iva Rinčić
Iva RinčićHead of the University of Rijeka Foundation, Croatia
Amir Muzur
Amir MuzurVice-dean for international cooperation at the Faculty of Medicine, Rijeka, Croatia
Andrina Granić
Andrina GranićFull Professor of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, University of Split, Croatia
Anđela Pepić
Anđela PepićFaculty of Political Sciences,
Banja Luka,
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Siniša Marčić
Siniša MarčićAssistant Minister for Science, Ministry of Science and Technology, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jasminka Hasić Telalović
Jasminka Hasić TelalovićAssistant professor,
International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ana Rotter
Ana RotterScientific associate,
National Institute of Biology,
Natalija Aćeška
Natalija AćeškaCEO of Knowledge Harvest, Biology education advisor at the Ministry of Education and Science, FYROM
Tatjana Parac Vogt
Tatjana Parac VogtHead of the Laboratory of Bioinorganic Chemistry,
KU Leuven, Belgium
Robert Firmhofer
Robert FirmhoferDirector, Science Center Copernicus, Poland and
Past President of the Board of ECSITE
Stamenka Uvalić Trumbić
Stamenka Uvalić TrumbićIndependent Consultant, Former Chief of Higher Education Section,
Jan Riise
Jan RiiseDirector of EUSEA and Chalmers University of Technology, Mistra Urban Futures, Special Projects Manager
Elaine Papoulias
Elaine PapouliasExecutive Director of the Center for European Studies, Harvard University
Domingo Escutia
Domingo EscutiaScience Communication Expert, Former Program Director, City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain
Martin Lindner
Martin LindnerProfessor at University
of Halle, Germany
Christopher R. Tunnard
Christopher R. TunnardProfessor of Practice of International Business,
The Fletcher School at
Tufts University, US
Jelena Glišić
Jelena GlišićStudent at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade
Sofija Jovanović
Sofija JovanovićStudent at the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade
Lazar Bulić
Lazar BulićStudent at the School of Computing, Belgrade
Vanja Gođevac
Vanja GođevacStudent at the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade
Bogdan Radičević
Bogdan RadičevićStudent at the Psychology dept. at Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
Ognjen Nikolić
Ognjen NikolićFifth Belgrade Gymnasium,
Nikola Borovčanin
Nikola BorovčaninThird Belgrade Gymnasium,
Anastasia Srećković
Anastasia SrećkovićFrench Gymnasium,
Đorđe Ogrizović
Đorđe OgrizovićThird Belgrade Gymnasium,
Anđela Rojević
Anđela RojevićUniversity student
Nikola Tepić
Nikola TepićUniversity student